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    Miss Arrivo Ghost PREMIUM

    $1,145.00 $755.70

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      Rechargeable Phototherapy UP beauty device

      DESCRIPTION:Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium rechargeable phototherapy UP beauty device uses core patented technology. Technologies like MFIP intermediate frequency intermittent electric pulse and highly simulated finger pressure massage brings you a SPA-class skin relaxation experience. UP ultra-pulse electroporation simultaneously releases three major technologies. Fight against skin fatigue, break the curse of time, and enjoy a new skincare experience.


      Product Name: Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium
      Voltage requirements: Global voltage
      Power consumption: 7W max
      Output frequency: 90kHz
      LED wavelength: Blue 415nm (± 10nm)
      Green 530nm (± 10nm)
      Red 620 (± 10nm)
      device size: 175mm × 41mm × 38mm
      device weight: Approximately 131 g
      Treatment time:: 10 minutes
      Charging time: About 6 hours
      Country of origin: Japan


      • MFIP Intermediate Frequency Intermittent Electric Pulse
      • Shiatsu Massage Somatosensory + UP Ultra Pulse Electroporation


      • Three (3) large mode buttons. Press the same button continuously to adjust the intensity.
      • Press it several times to adjust it to a total of 4 steps. Press it 5 times in a row to turn off each mode and turn on the LED function.
      • Weekly care: MFIP / UP, 1-2 times per week, EMS mode 5min + MFIP skin renewal mode 5min + UP skin beauty mode 5min

      Device maintenance

      After cleansing, thoroughly wash with a cleansing product such as facial cleanser, etc. After the face is dry, evenly apply enough PE essence or massage gel to use the beauty device. (it is recommended to use the PE beauty lotion and massage gel sold by our store to avoid contact with products containing alcohol or acidic substances.)    The device is not waterproof and should not be washed directly. After use, please use a moist, but soft cloth product with sufficient water. Wipe it lightly and rub until clean. After disinfecting, be sure to wipe it off with distilled water. Put them into the box after the device is dry or air-dried.                                             

      It is normal that the color of the guide head may change after improper makeup, improper cleaning, etc., or after the device has been used for a long time.


      • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
      • After surgery (including injections), please ask your doctor before using the product.
      • Patients experiencing infectious diseases, bleeding diseases, malignant tumors and heart disease should not use it. Do not use during periods of hormonal instability such as physiological, pregnancy, and lactation.
      • Before using this product, remove metal jewelry (such as glasses, earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, etc.) from your body. If you have metal on your body (such as heart bypass, fracture steel nails, etc.), please do not use it.
      • Avoid skin inflammation areas, wounds, and sensitive areas such as eyeballs, lips, and vocal cords. Do not let the device stay at the same skin area for a long time.
      • Users under 13 years of age are not recommended to use; this product is for cosmetic purposes only. Do not use it for other purposes. Please do not disassemble, modify, or repair this product yourself. If you need repair, please consult the customer service.
      • To avoid strong impact on the device, you must use the device after inspection (LED light condition, whether there are cracks, etc.) before use. Please do not use the device if the device head has cracks.

      Additional information

      Weight 3 lbs
      Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in


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